Our Focus

We are looking for high-quality small businesses seeking transition of ownership to a new leadership while preserving their legacy


Based in the UK (nationwide)


We are interested in a wide range of sectors, though focus primarily on business services and industrial services

Company size

EBITDA / pre-tax profit between £1m and £5m


Sustained cash flow generation and enduring profitability


Seeking a full or majority sale, e.g. for retirement or liquidity, while preserving legacy

Management transition

Most business owners we meet are planning to eventually transition out of their management role to pursue other personal goals. However, we realise that every situation is unique. While some owners transition fairly quickly, others prefer to remain long-term to share in the rewards of a successful business.

Our top priority is the long-term legacy and success of the business. We are flexible and will work with you to plan a transition that aligns with your personal circumstances.