About Us

Backer Group is a team of investors established with the intent to acquire, support, and grow exceptional small businesses in the UK

What makes us different

Committed to your business

We dedicate significant time and effort to supporting the companies we acquire, leveraging our many years of experience in business strategy.

Protect and build upon your legacy

Our primary endeavour is to honour and protect what you have worked hard to build. We will deeply leverage and empower the existing team to build upon your legacy; we don't seek to interfere with what already works.


We provide business owners with a flexible approach in how we structure the transaction – e.g. payment terms, transition period, and desired owner role post-sale. Our goal is to allow owners to accomplish their goals for liquidity while ensuring the long-term success of the business.

No pre-defined investment horizon

We are not restricted by pre-set exit deadlines and are not targeting short-term returns. We will operate the business with a focus on long-term, sustainable growth.

What to expect

We have years of experience in business acquisition processes and are committed to ensuring a solid, predictable, and efficient process – and to guaranteeing full confidentiality for all parties involved.

The process is expected to last 3-6 months, beginning with an introductory conversation. We recognise that selling a business is an emotional and important decision; our goal is to make the process smooth, transparent, and equitable.

Backer Capital - Process
Backer Capital - Process