Backer Capital

Long-term investors backing the next step in your company’s journey

We are long-term, hands-on investors looking to acquire, support, and grow exceptional small businesses in the UK

We seek to work with business owners to help them transition towards their personal goals, while preserving the long-term success and legacy of their business

About us

Backer Group is a team of long-term investors established with the intent to acquire, support, and grow exceptional small businesses in the UK.

We offer an attractive exit option to business owners seeking a full or majority sale while preserving their legacy.

We are not a private equity firm – we are not pressured to generate a return within a pre-defined period. This gives us the flexibility to invest for the long-term, ensuring the value built over many years is secured for generations to come. 

What we look for

We target high-quality small businesses that have a demonstrated history of profitability and ability to generate strong, steady cash flows. 

We are interested in a wide range of sectors, though focus primarily on business services and industrial services.

Kerim Baccari and Francesca Colantuoni


Backer Group is led by Kerim Baccari and Francesca Colantuoni, two seasoned professionals in business acquisition and corporate strategy. Kerim and Francesca have developed deep expertise in acquiring companies and enhancing their performance to accelerate their growth.

Kerim founded Backer Group and leads the team’s sourcing efforts to find great companies to acquire. He works with Francesca, who supports on operational topics in acquired companies.

We are supported by an advisory committee of experienced industry executives, advisors, and investors, committed to backing high-potential small businesses with us.

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