Backer Capital

Family business focused on preserving your company’s legacy over the next generation

We are business owners who acquire, support, and grow exceptional SMEs in the UK – without any intention of ever selling them

We provide retiring business owners the opportunity to transition towards their personal goals while preserving the long-term success and legacy of their business

Kerim Baccari and Francesca Colantuoni

About us

Backer Group is a husband-and-wife team established to acquire, support, and grow exceptional SMEs in the UK.

We are business owners ourselves, just like you. We offer an attractive exit option to SME owners looking to retire or take money off the table while protecting their staff and their brand.

We are different from private equity firms who will flip your business for a profit or from competitors trying to blend you into their group. We will retain your company’s staff and brand and we will own your business for the long-term, never looking to sell.

Our focus

We support high-quality small businesses that have a demonstrated history of profitability and ability to generate strong, steady cash flows.

We are interested in a wide range of sectors, though focus primarily on business services, industrial services, and wholesale/ distribution.

Kerim Baccari and Francesca Colantuoni


Backer Group is led by Kerim Baccari and Francesca Colantuoni, two business owners with backgrounds in company acquisition and business strategy. Kerim and Francesca have developed deep expertise in acquiring companies and working with management teams to accelerate their growth.

Kerim and Francesca founded Backer Group and jointly lead on all fronts – from setting up new partnerships with SME owners, evaluating potential acquisition opportunities, and supporting our group companies commercially and operationally.

We are supported by a group of experienced industry executives and advisors, committed to backing high-potential SMEs alongside us.

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